Holiday Vocal Classes!

Fulfil that lifelong passion for singing or get a headstart on musical development this 2017 June Holidays with our Holiday Vocal Classes conducted by our special guest teacher, Ms Charlyn Too!


Pop Music Vocals (from 7 years and Above)

Always wanted to sing like your favourite stars? From Teresa Teng to Taylor Swift, Sandy Lam to Selena Gomez,
3 x 90min sessions learning your all-time favourite hits will kickstart your musical pursuits for the rest of the holidays!

Class Schedule:

Mon 29/5         ; 11am - 1230pm
Tues 30/5         : 11am - 1230pm
Wed 31/5         : 11am - 1230pm

Classical and Musical Vocals (from 7 years and Above)

Especially suitable for those intending to pursue a passion for Theatre and stage singing, The Classical and Musical Vocals will give you a great headstart!

Class Schedule:

Mon 29/5         ; 1pm - 230pm
Tues 30/5         : 1pm - 230pm
Wed 31/5         : 1pm - 230pm

Children's Group (4 - 6 years old)

3 x 90 min sessions of familiar songs and nursery rhymes with simple movements to give your child a musical and confidence boost!

Class Schedule:

Mon 29/5         ; 3pm - 430pm
Tues 30/5         : 3pm - 430pm
Wed 31/5         : 3pm - 430pm

Class Highlights:

• Breathing Technique
• Pitching
• Vocalisation & Placement • Voice Projection & Control
• Rhythm
• Performance & Stage Confidence




Call 6547 3456 (Compass One) or email to register today!